About Aaron

My Mission

I create joy by connecting my students to their best skills. 

I love teaching music, math, science, and languages.  My enthusiasm comes from my genuine enjoyment of all the subjects that I teach.  Expect to get a dose of that joy as you gain competence and confidence

Aaron J. Clegg

My Experience

Aaron is a Physics teacher, music teacher, German teacher, and musician. He has taught in various public and private schools, and privately since 2008. 


My Core values

Fun and enjoyment are the magic ingredients to learning.  If we don’t get the instrument out of its case, or open the book, nothing else matters.  The enjoyment that keeps us coming back for more is the number one factor in our success at anything. 

When we learn most effectively, we take risks and make “mistakes.”  Actually, it’s not even correct to call them “mistakes,” since there is no shame or regret, and these imperfections are expected if we are practicing and learning effectively. 

We show up as a complete person every day, as both teachers and students. We don’t exist in a vacuum.  A parrot can’t survive in the arctic, and a polar bear can’t survive in the rainforest.  It’s important to acknowledge the interconnectedness of everything in a person’s life.  All our skills, experiences, and humanity enter into everything we do.