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What is a wooden flute?


The wooden flute, or "simple system flute," was the precursor to the modern Boehm system flute. Though classical music is better served by the Boehm flute, the wooden flute's rich, earthy tone and percussive ornamentation have become a cornerstone of the traditional folk music of Ireland and Scotland.



My beginner flute is a keyless rosewood Sweetheart made by Ralph Sweet of Connecticut, USA. It's affordable, easy to play, and responsive.

My more advanced flute is a keyless blackwood model (I believe a modified Rudall design) made by Bryan Byrne of Vermont, USA. He does not have a web site, but his flutes are incredible. I can get you his contact info if you need it.

A few videos



More youtube videos with embedding disabled:

Mike McGoldrick and Desi Connolly https://youtu.be/_h_hnvJle2E?t=45s

Matt Molloy on flute: http://youtu.be/6IWb3UIDSqg

Perhaps the most shredding wooden flute solo ever (Matt Molloy): http://youtu.be/mtSjM3YU7Qw?t=1m (Notice Roger Daltrey of the Who grooving out backstage)


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