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(Celtic, Maritime, Gospel, R&B, Jazz)

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Wooden Flute

(traditional Celtic)


(classical or jazz)

Pennywhistle or Tin Whistle

(traditional Celtic)


(classical or jazz)


Traditional Irish song Smuggle the Tin, which I learned from a Liam Weldon album. This is a live recording with me on lead vocal and Reagh Greenleaf on backup vocal and bodhran. (Recorded on minidisc with an xy stereo room mic.)


Traditional tune Dans en Dro from a Laurence Nugent album Two for Two. I play wooden flute, and Kevin Reams plays octava mandolin on this live recording. (Recorded to minidisc directly from the sound board.)


Taize chant Adoramus te Domine. (Recorded in my home studio.)


Irish traditional style song The Lily, written by John Pole. I learned it from Donal Maguire. (Recorded in my home studio.)



Here's another a capella piece called How Could Anyone. It's five parts (a solo, bass and drums, and two harmonies). (Recorded in my home studio.)


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