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(Celtic, Maritime, Gospel, R&B, Jazz)

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Wooden Flute

(traditional Celtic)


(classical or jazz)

Pennywhistle or Tin Whistle

(traditional Celtic)


(classical or jazz)

Traditional Band Celtic band Charmas

Charmas: Traditional and Modern Celtic music in Santa Cruz area and beyond. I am the lead singer and flute player for this band.


Weddings, Memorials, Parties, Special Events

I can help enrich any sacred or special occasion with flute, wooden flute or solo vocal. If you want more than one instrument, ask me and I can connect with colleagues who may be able to join me on guitar, harp, piano, violin, or other instruments.

If you don't know what kind of music you want, let's talk about it and I can make suggestions.

E-mail me: aaronjclegg@gmail.com

Call me: (408) 646-2826

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