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Wooden Flute

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Pennywhistle or Tin Whistle

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Photo by Aaron Clegg

My day gig: I am a high school physics teacher and K-7 music teacher.

Lessons: I teach saxophone, flute, wooden flute, tin whistle, Native American flute, guitar, and voice.

Whether you are a child or an adult, a beginner or an advanced player, I can help you immediately solidify your technique and feel the joy of the music flow through you, starting with the first lesson!


My Teaching Philosophy

To learn music, people need two things: positive experiences and a good method of practice.

If you love music already, you've probably had positive experiences. If you have been told by teachers or parents that you don't have musical talent, all you need is some positive experiences. Starting with the first lesson, we feel the sound of the instrument, listen to ourselves and each other, and enjoy the sound we are creating.

Learning music depends on the method of practice, and if you practice in the wrong way, you can do more harm than good. That's where I come in - helping you to develop solid practice techniques. We "workshop" certain difficult sections at slow tempo (or no tempo at all). We involve hands, voices, and our whole bodies in the learning process to help our left and right brain hemispheres comprehend the material. And if necessary we even "scaffold" certain sections, adding or removing notes to make them more comprehensible as a step toward mastery.

Reading music is a fantastic skill that I highly recommend developing eventually. However, in the early stages it can impede the heart connection to the music. My preferred approach is: "First learn to speak, then learn to read." Later, as we begin to read music, my emphasis is still on the feel of the music. The technique serves the music, not the other way around.

I used to teach wooden flute and tin whistle through the UC Berkeley Music Department under the Music 150D program.

Rates And Contact Info

At my studio: $25 for a half hour (recommended for children), $35 for 45 minutes, or $45 for an hour. Ask me about bartering or making the fees affordable for you.

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Call me: (408) 646-2826

E-mail me: aaronjclegg@gmail.com


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